The perfect game: The Untitled 28 multicolored sneakers

The perfect game: The Untitled 28 multicolored sneakers

Imagine it's July 1902 and you're on the outskirts of Liverpool playing cricket, sun shining, bat in hand and grass beneath your feet. The match is close, the tension is palpable in the air and it all comes down to that last point, the one that can make or break you. What shoes would you wear at that crucial moment?

The Untitled 28 from Odda Gallery would be the perfect choice. Original vintage style sneakers, made of 100% cow leather, rubber sole and with a combination of orange and green colors that invite you to be free, to express your personality and, above all, to win the match.


Untitled 28

More than a multicolored trainer, a symbol of free spirit.


The Untitled 28 are no ordinary multicolored sneakers, they are a trip back in time, a tribute to an era of splendor and adventure that transports you to a time full of possibilities. Original sneakers in which you will feel the nostalgia of a time gone by and the excitement of a future to be written in every step you take with them.

They are the perfect blend of fashion and art, the expression of a free, bold and creative spirit that is not afraid to take risks and fight for its dreams. The Untitled 28 represent a philosophy, a way of seeing life, with them you will feel the confidence and energy necessary to achieve your goals.

A tribute to Spanish craftsmanship and sustainability


These original sneakers are the product of the passion and dedication of a team of skilled craftsmen who have inherited the skills of previous generations.

Designed and sustainably manufactured in Spain, under the gaze of the Mediterranean Sea, these sneakers are a piece of the rich history and tradition of the Iberian Peninsula. Each pair of slippers is handmade with attention to detail, using traditional techniques and high quality materials.

The result is original, unique and unrepeatable sneakers, which reflect the effort and delicacy in each stage of production, the exclusivity and good taste of the wearer.


Untitled 28 detail

Multicolored sneakers for any occasion


The Untitled 28 are not only comfortable and durable, they are also the perfect sneakers for your wardrobe. Their timeless design and unique color combination make them a key piece that you can wear for any occasion, from a formal event to a day out with friends.

Formal look: Sophistication with a splash of color


For an elegant look, try pairing them with:

  • Trousers: Beige chinos or light-colored linen trousers will go perfectly with the Untitled 28.
  • Shirt: Use a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to complete the look.
  • Accessories: You can add accessories such as a brown leather belt, a classic watch or a leather bag.

Casual look: Walk with elegance and style.


If you are looking for a more casual style, you can opt for:

  • Trousers: Straight jeans or a denim skirt will give you a simple and clean look.
  • T-shirt: Choose a basic short-sleeved T-shirt to add a fresh and timeless touch to your look.
  • Accessories: For a personal touch, add a pair of vintage sunglasses.

Whether it's a smart look for a business meeting, a casual look for a stroll around town or a more sporty look, the original Untitled 28 sneakers will be your perfect companion.

With the multicolored Untitled 28 sneakers, you will go one step further in the world of fashion and dare to express your unique personality. They are the perfect move to complete your style and achieve your goals with style and confidence.

Discover the full collection at The Circle Collection.

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