Street Art vs. Classical Art: A duel of inspirations

Street Art vs. Classical Art: A duel of inspirations

In the art world, a sharp distinction is often drawn between street art and classical art. They are perceived as two opposing universes, with completely different techniques, styles and messages. However, at Odda we believe that both forms of artistic expression are valid and inspiring in their own way, and that they can even nourish each other in an enriching way.

Street art: muse to many luxury trainer designers


Street art, also known as street art, bursts onto the streets like a rebellious cry. It is born out of the need for expression and denunciation in a busy, impersonal world. Street artists use the walls of the city as a canvas to express their vision of the world, often charged with social and political criticism.

Their technique is diverse, ranging from graffiti with its stylised lettering to large murals full of color and detail. What unites these works is their ephemeral nature, as they are exposed to the world.


street art


Inspired by this rebellious and creative spirit, at Odda Gallery we have designed the Untitled 9, a luxury trainer that reflects the essence of street art. An ode to spontaneity and a break from convention, made with high quality materials and a vibrant color palette of mauve, orange and cement grey, to generate a powerful and emotional reaction wherever you go.


untitled 9

Luxury trainers with a timelessly classic feel


Classical art, on the other hand, is characterize by its timelessness and its pursuit of idealize beauty. Masterpieces such as Leonardo da Vinci's La Gioconda or Pablo Picasso's Guernica transport us to other times and cultures, inviting us to reflect on universal themes such as the human condition, beauty and tragedy.

The technique of classical art is elaborate and precise, the result of years of study and dedication. Classical artists have mastered the use of light, perspective and anatomy to create works that endure over time.




Inspired by the elegance and sophistication of classical art, Odda Gallery has created the Untitled 1, a luxury grey trainer that reinterprets the most representative elements of this style. A fusion of ancient beliefs of the world to bring a timeless, monochromatic and balanced aesthetic. They represent a classic and elegant style made with 100% cowhide leather and timeless lines that will make you feel like a work of art.


untitled 1

Two worlds united by fashion


Despite their differences, street art and classical art share a common source of inspiration: the observation of the world around us. Artists, both classical and urban, draw on their experiences, emotions and reflections to create works that connect with the public.

Moreover, both styles can inspire each other. Street art takes techniques and themes from classical art and reinterprets them with a fresh, modern language. On the other hand, today's classical artists have found in street art a new way to connect with contemporary audiences.

At Odda Gallery, we believe that the richness of the art world lies in its diversity. We design each pair with care and attention to detail, handmade using materials made in Spain and combining colours and textures in innovative ways. We are inspired by art in all its forms, from the most rebellious street art to the most timeless classical art.

Our luxury trainers are a fusion of fashion and art, with designs and materials coming together to create pieces that reflect your unique personality and style.

Discover the permanent collections: The Square Collection and The Circle Collection.

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