Odda Gallery: A journey through handmade sneakers

Odda Gallery: A journey through handmade sneakers

Odda Gallery, more than a sneakers brand, is a philosophy that combines avant-garde design with handmade Made in Spain craftsmanship. Each pair of sneakers is a unique work of art, handmade by expert shoemakers using high quality materials.

We invite you to discover the handmade process of Odda sneakers. Learn about the steps and traditional techniques that give life to each pair, making them exclusive pieces for those who are committed to quality and authenticity.

Selection of materials: Sneakers Made in Spain


The creation process of the handmade sneakers begins with the selection of materials such as 100% cowhide, nylon, mesh fabric or cotton, all of them coming from Spain and complying with the strictest quality standards. The choice of each material depends on the design and model of the shoe.

Durability and resistance go hand in hand with the quality of the materials used, ensuring that the handmade sneakers can withstand daily use and adverse climates.


Design and pattern making: A blank canvas


The next step is the sketching and design of the shoe, for which a team of expert designers draw inspiration from different artistic currents and the latest trends to create unique and timeless designs. The patterns are used as a guide to cut the pieces with precision, bringing the shoe to life.


design handmade sneakers

Creation of the composition: Handmade sneakers


For handmade shoes, each piece is cut according to the patterns and the selected material is prepared, eliminating any imperfections and ensuring a perfect fit to the foot. Once prepared, the cut pieces are sewn together with precision and care, creating a strong and durable shoe.

The shoe begins to take shape as the different pieces are assembled, a process that requires great skill and experience to ensure a perfect result.


Details and finishes: A unique piece


The final details of the handmade sneakers make all the difference. The sneakers are polished and embellished using artisanal techniques that enhance the natural beauty of the material. Finishing touches, such as logo stamping in the case of Odda, and the placement of the laces, complete the work of art.

Every detail, from the stitching to the finish, is checked and carefully packed in a bag that wraps each shoe to protect it during transport and ensure it arrives at its destination in perfect condition.


Details and finishes handmade sneakers

Slow fashion: a commitment to sustainability


Fashion can be both beautiful and ethical. Odda Gallery is committed to responsible and sustainable production and joins the Slow fashion movement to promote a more conscious and responsible consumption. By opting for quality materials to ensure the durability of the sneakers and to turn timelessness into fashion.


More than handmade sneakers, a philosophy


The Odda Gallery represents the union of tradition and innovation. When you buy Odda sneakers, you are not only buying quality, designer footwear, but you are supporting a tradition of Spanish shoemaking craftsmanship. Each pair of sneakers is a story of passion and attention to detail.

Odda handmade sneakers: A legacy of Spanish craftsmanship

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