The Square Collection: Luxury Sneakers with timeless style


From Odda Gallery we present The Square Collection, a collection of unisex sneakers made with materials such as leather and nylon, among other premium fabrics. A minimalist and sophisticated collection, where geometric simplicity is elevated to the highest expression of luxury. Inspired by the purity of shapes and the harmony of colors, this collection transforms your outfit with elegance.



The Square collection offers a variety of luxury sneakers with original designs to help you express your individual style. Choose from bold colors or more classic styles and find the sneaker that best represents you. From the warmth of khaki green in the Untitled 20, which invites you to interpret reality in your own way, to the duality of black and white in the Untitled 4, which immerses you in intense contrast.



Discover the sneakers of the Square collection, a journey through elegance and style. The Untitled 3 transports you to the beauty of the desert with its ochre color, while the Untitled 1 envelops you in the wisdom and tradition of grey. Each pair of shoes connects you to an era, a culture and a way of seeing the world, allowing you to explore the depths of your own identity.



The Square Collection is an invitation to live life appreciating the beauty of details, and to find harmony in the simple. It's a way to express your individuality, challenge the norms and make your mark on the world through a unique style. The Square Collection is a philosophy of life that invites you to turn the everyday into the extraordinary.

Untitled 20: Transform your everyday into art


The Untitled 20 with its khaki green color and timeless design with classic and elegant lines, captures the essence of haute couture in an ode to simplicity. Crafted in 100% cowhide leather and a white rubber sole, these unisex sneakers aim to reflect authenticity.


Untitled 4: Style at the centre of everything


In the Untitled 4, black and white merge in a classic, elegant and straightforward design, creating a timeless sneaker full of character. Made from 100% cowhide leather, nylon fabric and a white rubber sole, these luxury sneakers represent the human essence.


Untitled 3: A legacy destined to last


The Untitled 3 is a tribute to timeless style, with its ochre color, between brown and yellow, it breathes eternity. Handcrafted in 100% cowhide leather with a white rubber sole, these unisex sneaker combine history and haute couture for those who want to make their mark.


Untitled 1: A traditional brushstroke for a contemporary era 


The grey color of the Untitled 1 evokes timelessness and monochrome to create a classic and elegant style. Unisex sneakers in 100% cowhide leather, white laces and a white rubber sole. These sneakers embody exclusivity and accompany you to discover your most authentic self.

The Square Collection invites you to follow an authentic style, where simplicity becomes the epitome of luxury. The pieces of the Odda Gallery, designed and manufactured in Spain, transport you to the richness of traditional craftsmanship.

Dare to be yourself and discover the complete collection at The Square Collection.

Also see our other permanent collection The Circle Collection.


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